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API Change Log for VETtrak 20.1.x

Version for VETtrak 20.1.0 - 3/03/2020

Improved the performance of checking tokens in SQL Server. No breaking changes.

Add functions

  1. GetInvoices: Retrieves a list of invoices with specified criteria, regardless of invoicee.
  2. GetInvoicesModifiedSince: Retrieves a list of invoices that have been modified or created since the specified date, regardless of invoicee.

Modify functions

  1. UpdateAttendanceForClientClass: Will now automatically start tasks or units in the occurrence enrolment if VETtrak is configured to do so.
  2. UpdateEnrolledTask: Fixed an issue that could cause units to not be automatically started when recording a task as started.

Modify classes

  1. TInvoice
    1. Added fields
      1. InvoiceeType: Indicates whether the invoicee for the invoice is a client or employer.
      2. InvoiceeIdentifier: If the invoicee is a client, contains their client code. If the invoicee is an employer, contains their employer identifier.
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