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Trainer Portal 20.1.x Release Notes - 03/03/2020


Must be running VETtrak version 20.1.x.

Release notes -  03/03/2020


  • Allow trainer to upload student's image optionaly a QA process.
  • Allow trainer to upload documents to events while creating event.
  • Added course overview for class details page.
  • Colour codes for attendance type set up in VETtrak desktop now shown on portal.
  • Colour codes for task type set up in VETtrak desktop now shown on portal.
  • Identify active vs inactive students.
  • Renamed milestone event type to "same day event"
  • Added ability to use external system code and client code for matching external authentication.
  • Auto redirect added to login page for external authentication if correct paramater provided.
  • Added ability for user to provide feedback at periodic intervals.
  • Added button for sms and email in the class modal.
  • Assess2Educate (A2E) coaching guide links added.
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