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USI: Creating a Machine Credential in RAM [Local Customers]

Please ensure that the steps covered in our USI: Setting up myGovID / RAM article are completed, and you have upgraded to VETtrak version 20.1 or later, before attempting this step. 

Only locally-installed VETtrak customers need to follow this process. If your VETtrak is hosted, refer to this article instead.

VETtrak Support is limited in the amount of assistance that can be provided for these processes - the websites and bodies involved are not managed by VETtrak as a company.

For a local VETtrak installation to access USI functionality, you will need to retrieve a Machine Credential from the Relationship Authorisation Manager. 

A Machine Credential is a downloaded file that can be loaded into VETtrak, allowing the software to interact directly with government online services, such as the USI web service.

As this process is partly external to VETtrak as a company, this article serves as a resource for how best to access the website required and complete the set up process within your software.


Retrieving a Machine Credential from the RAM website

To complete this process will require a web browser extension to be installed and can currently only be done in either Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox browsers.  Please ensure the steps are followed within the Installing a browser extension section of the RAM website.

To retrieve a valid Machine Credential you will need to visit the website and complete the steps documented on the following webpage:

These steps include:

  1. Log in to the RAM website using your myGovID 
  2. Click View or manage authorisations, machine credentials and cloud software notifications.
  3. Select the entity/business you would like to create a machine credential for
  4. Click the Manage Credentials tab
  5. Select Create machine credential and enter the following information:
    • Keystore path – This will be pre-filled but can be changed if required. This is where the machine credential will be created and stored on your computer - review and make sure it is an easy to access location.

      This defaults to the APPDATA folder of your PC - You may require local IT support to access this area, as it's location is specialised to your computer log in:
    • Keystore password – Choose a password. It should include at least 10 characters with no space, an upper case letter, a lower case letter, a number and a punctuation character. You’ll provide this password within your software either when setting up or authenticating.
    • Verify your keystore password.  
    • Credential name – Enter a name for the machine credential. We suggest "VETtrak".
    • Identify the Machine Credential Custodian – This will be pre-filled with your name and cannot be changed.
  6. Tick the box to confirm you understand and accept the machine credential details
  7. Click Download

Once the credential has successfully downloaded, this step is complete!


Once the Machine Credential has been downloaded

The final steps of the Machine Credential process will require access to the VETtrak software, and perhaps the VETtrak installation folder as well. 

Ensure the new Machine Credential key store file (an XML file) is located somewhere where all VETtrak users can access it - we recommend making use of the MachineCredential folder within the VETtrak installation folder:

To then select your Machine Credential, you will need to configure it within VETtrak's Organisation Wizard. Navigate to this area by going to Manage menu, and selecting Configuration:


In here, locate the Organisation heading and expand it to see your Organisation Name - Right click this item and choose Edit Organisation Details:

In here, press the Next button until you reach the area dedicated to USI Configuration


To complete the Organisation's machine credential location section, you must configure the location where the machine credential file is stored.

First of all, next to the A specific key store file (XML file) field, click on the Browse button (mceclip4.png) to browse for the machine credential file. This will involve you navigating the folders on your computer (or network) to select where the XML file was saved.

Once you have selected the correct file, the file path should display in the A specific key store file (XML file) field.

Press the Open selected key store button to load the machine credential.

Now the machine credential has been read by VETtrak, enter your Machine Credential password to complete the set up process - You can then press the Check button to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Press the Next button until you can select Finish, and the process is complete - This will conclude the set up of your Machine Credential within VETtrak!


Note: The machine credential you use must be for the ABN which is associated with the organisation code on (this same organisation code must be entered in VETtrak in the "National RTO ID" field on the first page of this wizard). If you have multiple organisations with different ABNs in VETtrak, you will need to create a machine credential for each ABN and specify it in Organisation wizard for the corresponding organisation.


A machine credential will expire after two years after creation. You will need to repeat this process to obtain a new machine credential every two years.
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