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USI: Creating a Notification in RAM [Hosted Customers]

Please ensure that the steps covered in our USI: Setting up myGovID / RAM article are completed, and you have been upgraded to VETtrak version 20.1 or later, before attempting this step. 

Only hosted VETtrak customers need to follow this process. If your VETtrak is locally installed, refer to this article instead.

VETtrak Support is limited in the amount of assistance that can be provided for these processes - the websites and bodies involved are not managed by VETtrak as a company.

For a hosted VETtrak system to access USI functionality, you will need to create a Notification within the Relationship Authorisation Manager. 

A Notification flags that the cloud-based software you are utilising will communicate with the government systems you with to utilise - such as the USI web service.

As this process is partly external to VETtrak as a company, this article serves as a resource for how best to access the website required and complete the set up process within your software.


Creating a Notification within the RAM website

Firstly, open VETtrak and go to the File menu and select Global Preferences:


On the left-hand side, select Compliance Preferences, then in the section on the right hand side select the tab titled USI CAA:

Within this area, make sure that Use CAA to connect to USI service is ticked.

Please note - this tickbox has been removed in our VETtrak Version 20.2 software release.
If you are on VETtrak 20.2 you can ignore this step and continue the process.

If this option is not selected VETtrak will be unable to use the USI Services via your created notification:mceclip2.png

This screen also shows VETtrak's ABN and your VETtrak software ID which you will need to create a cloud software notification. Take note of these items for when you access the RAM website:

If the Software ID is empty, contact VETtrak Support for assistance.

To then create the Notification for your VETtrak hosted system you will need to visit the RAM website and complete the steps documented on the following webpage, under the section titled 'How to add a notification':

These steps include:

  1. Log in to the RAM website using your myGovID 
  2. Click View or manage authorisations, machine credentials and cloud software notifications.
  3. Click on the business that you are setting the notification up for
  4. The Manage business screen will display with the business linked from the previous screen
  5. Click the Manage notifications at the top of this page and then Add notification
  6. In the field titled Digital Service Provider ABN, enter VETtrak's ABN: 92 083 795 500
  7. Press Continue
  8. Enter the Software ID as mentioned above, and select a start and end date for this notification (You can also select No End Date)
  9. Select the check box for the Office of the Student Identifiers Register and select Continue
  10. On the next page, review the information summary of this notification, and when ready select Submit
  11. The newly added notification will be listed on the Manage notifications screen to show your notification has been completed successfully

With this process completed, VETtrak should now be able to perform USI related functions! 


Extra Steps

It is worth checking to ensure that specific RTO details entered into your VETtrak are correct in order for this functionality to function correctly.

To review this information, open the Manage menu, and select Configuration:


In here, locate the Organisation heading and expand it to see your Organisation Name - Right click this item and choose Edit Organisation Details:

This will display the Organisation Wizard:


Within this area, review the National RTO Id and the ABN to ensure they are accurate. If these do not match the business the Notification has been created for, the USI service will not be able to function.


Note that the notification must be created for the ABN which is associated with your RTO's National RTO ID on (this same National RTO ID and ABN must be entered in the Organisation wizard in VETtrak).
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