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VETenrol Release Notes - 29th April 2020

New Features

  • Registration Details
    There are some minor additions based on registrations where something out of the ordinary has occurred.
    • A new Merchant Response link for registrations with a Payment Status of Pending Payment can be used to attempt to fetch a response from the provider.

  • Registration Settings
    New options for the Details step under Mandatory Registration Steps to remove phone number fields from the registration process.



  • Site Settings
    • Add Student To option has been updated to show the applicable classes for occurrences based on the selection. As such, the occurrence class list will show all classes, only the next future class, or all future classes.
    • Delivery Mode setting has been renamed and reworked to retrieve the primary delivery mode from VETtrak to display for the occurrence. This was formerly Delivery Type and retrieved from the old 2017 VETtrak setting.

  • Registration Settings
    The Collect External Debtor Code option has been renamed to Collect External Code, to match the corresponding field in VETtrak.

  • Programme Summary
    The Auto column has been added to show which occurrences are set to be auto-processed.

  • Discounts
    Help text has been added to the Admin page.

  • Rapid Registrations
    If the Rapid Registration Setting for T&Cs are left blank, the accept checkbox will no longer be shown to users.


Bug Fixes

  • Editor not loading content on first click, and fix for a bug in Microsoft Edge.
  • File upload limit per step of 4mb extended to 10mb.
  • Mail attachment limit of 4mb extended to 10mb.
  • Error Notification for Invalid OccuID incorrectly displaying html.
  • Returning participant error when retrieving client details for a client with a different PO address to their residential address, but where the State was not specified for the PO address.
  • Occurrences with an Employer set during the Optional details stage of the wizard will pre-tick and prefill the Employer Step during registration with that employer's details, however if the Employer record in VETtrak either had a Building Name and/or did not have a street number, VETenrol would prefill the street name into both the Street Name and Street Number fields.
  • Issue with data completion emails for participants nominated in a group booking all being sent the same enrolment ID.
  • Further measures to assist with cross-site cookie security being adopted by various browsers. A warning will now be provided to the user if VETenrol cannot be displayed and offer them the option of opening the iframe content in a new tab. This issue is a result of increased browser security preventing cross-site cookies, which are security measures that are likely to be adopted by all browsers in the near future if they haven't already done so.



Additional Bug Fixes - 20th May 2020

  • Divide by zero error occurring after users click Confirm Registration.
  • Double charge on iOS devices.
  • iFrame popout issue for Secure payment gateway (for error message: Missing or invalid parameters).
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