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Trainer Portal 20.2.X Release Notes - 19/06/2020


Must be running VETtrak version 20.2.x.

Release notes -  19/06/2020


  • Reviewed My Students page to make it easier to understand. Now the trainer only needs a link to the student via any level of occurrence/enrolment/class/event and that the student must have an active enrolment along with being flagged as an active client.

Bug fix

  • Fixed issue with distributed documents not showing in files tab.
  • Email password issue resolved for global VETtrak preferences.
  • Removed cross site CDN issue warning.

Release notes -  12/06/2020


  • Downloadable documents now have a preview option using Google's document preview.
    Use global setting - Portal preferences - Settings - "Enable online viewing of documents via Google" to see previews in the portals.
  • Employment position added to class - students list.
  • MyCourses page only showing active courses - unless show all checkbox checked.
  • Tokenised security around file downloads.
  • Expanded width of portal layout for larger screens.

Release notes -  02/06/2020

Bug fix

  • Bulk update of Enrolment Tasks not handling large array of tasks.

Release notes -  25/05/2020


  • Addition of edit/view class online url links.
  • Addition of documents and notes tab.
  • Editable file note dates.
  • Search for client allows find on email address, along with phone.
  • Bookings allow file view and add.
  • Read-only mode for VETtrak registration expiry.
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