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Video: VETembark CRM - Work item manager for RTOs & VET

VETembark manages opportunities, inbound communications, and internal workflows all within a simple Kanban interface.

VETtrak has taken a fresh approach on how to manage communications from application to enrolment, with a solution that:
  • Manages and tracks multiple stakeholders
  • Consolidates data and communications from application to enrolment
  • Improves efficiency and speed

Join us to explore how this versatile solution manages and delegates your to-dos, captures emailed documentation, and assigns statuses for complex processes - from leads to pre-enrolments - with VETtrak integration.

We'll also explore the advanced invoicing capabilities enabled by its new VETtrak integration to support complex agency commissions, and newly expanded scheduled invoice functionality.

What can it do?
  • Ingest and reply to emails
  • Assign tasks across the team
  • Store an audit trail for compliance needs
  • Create an overview of enrolment status across the team
Get faster, compliant processing from application to enrolment with our lightweight work item management solution, introducing VETembark!
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