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Report Request Changes - 10/07/2020

As of the 10/07/2020 the VETtrak Support Centre released a new Report Request Form along with a few changes to the VETtrak Custom Report Writing Service.


Why are changes being made?

Following a review of the VETtrak Custom Report Writing Service we decided to invest in a redesign of our Report Request Form to help us meet our response time goals for our customers more consistently.

The VETtrak Custom Report Writing Service has been updated to provide a more realistic expected response time on report requests and to balance the work time fairly on each report request.

The Report Request Form has been re-designed to ask more targeted questions of our customers so our report writers get as much information as possible to develop your report as quickly and as accurately as possible.


What are the changes?

  • Report Request Form has been updated
  • Award Report Requests will now cost a custom report credit
  • Urgent Report Requests now have a 3 day response time
  • Report Requests now have a 3 hour agent work time limit

Our report writing team will be focusing on educating our customers on the use of custom report alternatives such as Data Insights, Standard Reports and Self-Service Reports to help empower our customers to use the existing tools in the software.

Our report writers will also provide you with report request work time as they work through your report request and will be focusing on future-proofing your custom reports so they are less likely to need maintenance in the future.

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