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Selecting Programmes for a Custom Form

Custom Forms with the Selected Applies To setting will only display for specified programmes or occurrences and these can be viewed and managed from the Custom Field Inclusions page.


  • Click the 'Selected' link.

This will open the Custom Field Inclusions page, for example:


The primary page elements are:

  1. Custom Form Inclusion section to facilitate the creation of new programmes/occurrence combinations for the form and allow existing ones to be viewed and modified.
    • Complete the Programme Name or Occurrence ID field as necessary, to determine when the custom form will be displayed.
      • Leaving both fields blank would display the form for all registrations, but this cannot be saved since it is the equivalent of selecting applies to all for the form. The Applies To selection should be changed to All to achieve this effect instead.
      • Entering a Programme Name only will cause the form to be displayed for all occurrences with that programme name.
        Note this field will also accept a programme type, which will cause the form to be displayed for all occurrences of all programmes with that type.
      • Entering an Occurrence ID only will cause the form to display only for users registering in that occurrence.
      • Completing both fields will cause the form to only display when a user is registering in that occurrence. This is equivalent to an Occurrence ID only, but the programme name must also be correct for the occurrence.
    • The Back button will return you to the Custom Forms page.
    • The New Button will clears the fields for a new programme/occurrence ID to be saved.
    • The Save Button will save the current entries into the list table.
  2. The list table contains saved programmes/occurrence IDs and allows them to be managed.
    • Click the ID links to modify the entries.
    • Permanently remove unwanted entries using the delete link.

NOTE: The list table will only be displayed when editing a form with existing entries. Otherwise it will be hidden until the first entry is saved.


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