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Trainer Portal 20.3.X Release Notes - 09/11/2020


Must be running VETtrak version 20.3.x.

Release notes -  09/11/2020

Bug fixes

  • Course titles - correction in display.
  • Update for enforced two factor authentication.
  • Weekly calendar display not showing all schedule.

Release notes -  28/09/2020

Bug fix

  • Portal fails to start without a default organisation name

Release notes -  18/09/2020

Bug fixes

  • Minor update for two-factor authentication.

Release notes -  16/09/2020


  • Addition of two-factor authentication for user accounts.
  • Creating file notes only requires view access to relevant security entity.
  • Consistent programme description display across pages.
  • Addition of VETtrak desktop configuration for viewing filtered data in My Students page.
  • New multi upload tooling for file uploading.
  • Minor display updates.
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