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VTDocs Portal preferences set up

Once installed, the VTDocs Portal has some additional preferences that can be set up in the File > Global Preferences area of VETtrak. Click on FileTrak preferences to access the specific preferences page of the wizard. The VTDocs Portal tab is the only relevant settings tab for VTDocs portal.


  • VTDocs Portal URL - This textbox is to record the base url location of your VTDocs portal.  This allows VETtrak to know how to create VTDoc portal specific links.  Such as providing the process of reseting password's from the client wizard.
  • Staff member to send QR scan completion notification emails to - If using email setting "Use individual staff member email logins" found on the Email preferences global settings page.  You will be able to select a staff member from the drop down selector to notify process completion information when using the scan to email batch processing option (requires VTDocs Plus).  The Email address of the selected staff will appear in the text field below.  If you don't have the "Use individual staff member email logins" on, just fillin an email in the text box without selecting the staff member.
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