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Award Verification Overview

The Award Verification Service allows users to enter their details and view their certificate or statement of attainment information from VETtrak. The service will also verify an award from a QR Code without requiring the user to enter their details.



TOP: The user enters their name and parchment ID, then clicks the Verify button.

VerifyAward - Found

TOP RIGHT: The user's details are compared against the organisation's VETtrak Database and returns the details of the award if a match is found.

RIGHT: If there is no match, or the award is not published, an error is returned to the user.

Award Wizard

In order for VETenrol to successfully retrieve award details, the Available for verification checkbox in the VETtrak Award Wizard must be ticked.

If this checkbox is not ticked, users will be able to enter the correct credentials to retrieve the information, but still receive an error.

NOTE: Requires VETtrak 20.3



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