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API Change Log for VETtrak 20.4.x

Version for VETtrak 20.4.0 - 14/12/2020

Internal changes for VETtrak 20.4. No breaking changes.

Modify functions

  1. GetEnrolmentsForOccurrence and GetLMSNewEnrolmentsForOccurrence: These functions will now include any employee enrolments in the occurrence. Previously only client enrolments were returned.
  2. ProcessWebEnrolment (automatically or manually processed web enrolments), AddLMSClientEnrolmentToOccurrence and AddEmployeeEnrolmentToBooking:
    1. The status of new enrolments will now be determined by a new VETtrak preference in Global Preferences -> Programme Preferences -> Web enrolment tab. With this preference, the user can choose to use:
      1. The default status in the Configuration Manager (this is the default option to maintain existing functionality), or
      2. The same status as the occurrence being enrolled into, or
      3. A specific status they select.
    2. When enrolling into an occurrence that does not have an employer set, the employer field on the new enrolment will now be set to match the enrolled client's primary employer (if the client has one).
    3. When enrolling into an occurrence that has been linked to aNewSpring or Moodle LMS using VETtrak's LMS Integration feature, and the occurrence has "Automatically send new enrolments in this occurrence to aNewSpring/Moodle" turned on, the API will now automatically transfer the new client and enrolment to the LMS for online learning (as long as the client has an email address).
    4. When calling ProcessWebEnrolment with updateMatches=true, the client's name will no longer be updated if the only change was to the case of the name.

Additional data field changes

These changes affect the QueryAdditionalData, GetAdditionalDataFieldsForEntity, GetAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateAdditionalDataForWebRecord, UpdateClientAdditionalFields and UpdateEmployerAdditionalFields functions.

Added fields

  1. Enrolment
    1. TransferFromEnrolmentId: When a client's occurrence enrolment is transferred to a different occurrence, this field is set in the new enrolment that was the result of the transfer to indicate the ID of the enrolment that was transferred. Null if it was not created as the result of a transfer.
    2. TransferToEnrolmentId: When a client's occurrence enrolment is transferred to a different occurrence, this field is set in the original enrolment that was transferred to indicate the ID of the new enrolment created for the transfer. Null if it has not been transferred.
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