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JobTrainer Funding Requirements

The JobTrainer initiative (JobTrainer) is a joint Commonwealth and State initiative which provides additional funding to increase access to free or low fee training places for young people and job seekers.

This requires some unique details be set up in VETtrak to meet these requirements, detailed within this article.


JobTrainer Funding Sources

You may be required to enter unique Funding Sources to reflect JobTrainer needs. The process to add a funding source is linked below, with details regarding what information to enter a little further down the page.

For information on entering a new funding source:

These JobTrainer specific funding source detail are sourced from SVTS:


The above details were sourced from the Funding source identifier STA supplement - 2021 v1 (xlsx - 29 (xlsx - 29.1kb) document, located on the Training data collection section of Victorian state government page.

Using the details from the above example, when adding a new Funding Source, you can enter the information like so to accurately capture the funding details required:


This can then be used within appropriate enrolments.


JobTrainer Concession/Waiver Set Up

An SVTS sourced document explains the specific requirement of using a unique Fee Concession/Fee Waiver structure when reporting a particular JobTrainer funding type.

This clarification is as follows:


The document clarifying this information is the JobTrainer_fact_sheet_version_2.0.pdf

An example of this unique Fee Concession/Fee Waiver structure being used is shown in the screenshot below:


By entering the first Fee Concession as Z - None, and setting the Fee Waiver to  R - JobTrainer Skill Sets Initiative, this will report the desired combined Exemption code of ZR as detailed above.


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