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Student Portal 21.2.X Release Notes - 16/08/2021



Must be running VETtrak version 21.2.x.

Release notes -  16/08/2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with document database settings for password decryption.
  • Fix for student being added post class endorsement to handle no attendance.
  • Remote attendance fixes.

Release notes -  15/07/2021

Bug fixes

  • Error on login when customer without a document database.

Release notes -  14/06/2021

Compatibility release to operate with VETtrak desktop


  • Schedule view now showing enrolment tasks that have a due date.
  • Add the ability for students to pay unpaid invoices. 
    This requires the VETenrol product with an active payment gateway.
  • A new terms and conditions (T&C) feature added for student file upload.
  • Added the ability to accept a T&C when accessing class details and resources.
  • Added the ability for students to add remote attendance signature to a class.
  • Added notification to student when a trainer marks an absent attendance.
  • Dashboard now showing classes for the past month.
  • Training schedule tab under courses view now showing planned start and finish dates.
  • Custom attendance workflow altered to allow a VETtrak Admin to configure a late class checkin at the global or programme level.

Bug Fixes

  • Account recovery button not showing when portal first starts up.
  • VETsurvey link not showing.
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