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Trainer Portal 21.2.X Release Notes - 17/08/2021


Must be running VETtrak version 21.2.x.

Release notes -  16/08/2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with document database settings for password decryption
  • QA Attendance count and marking fix

Release notes -  16/07/2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error when editing QA custom attendance which would mark existing students absent

Release notes -  15/07/2021

Bug fixes

  • Error on login when customer without a document database.

Release notes -  01/07/2021


  • Display date time for student signature on remote attendance.

Bug fixes

  • Error on permission check for OccurrenceEvent.

Release notes -  14/06/2021

- Compatibility release to operate with VETtrak desktop


  • Attendance updated for student portal remote checkin.

  • Added class endorsement indicators for class views.

  • Changed file name labels and display improvements for document lists.

  • Added enrolled units and tasks to attendance view.

  • Added student portal notification for some types of attendance.

  • Include QA attendance counts for attendance dashboard.

  • Addition of a web config entry for max file size adjustment.
  • Additional email, sms actions for MyStudents lists.

  • Added a main menu for messages and updated messages page to show email and SMS.

  • Added SMS modal detail view showing SMS replies (if any).

Bug fixes

  • Fix for external authentication not working after logout.
  • Fix for client schedule.
  • Corrections for client class.
  • Fix for SMS Sender name when user does not have a mobile phone present.
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