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VETembark 21.2.x Release Notes - 15/06/2021


Must be running VETtrak version 21.2.x.

Release notes -  15/06/2021


  • Removed refresh of page when updating CC addresses
  • Added quick create buttons to relevant pages
  • Can now import and export custom forms as JSON 
  • VETenrol now sends notification emails to VETembark upon form completion
  • Altered naming conventions to match VETtrak
  • Form components now stick to the page when scrolling large forms
  • Custom forms can now be linked to VETtrak clients and enrolments
  • Added delete function to allow removal of entities deleted in VETtrak that still exist in VETembark
  • Added work item bulk functions
    • Bulk assignment of work items to users
    • Add bulk tags
    • Send bulk notes to multiple work items
  • Occurrence selection display now shows occurrence id 
  • Added session extension to allow form creation for long periods of time

Bug fixes

  • Fixed form filters not working on back button
  • Update button on email template would duplicate the template if after creation
  • Archiving an email template would not hide them
  • Email template updated date was not populated
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