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VETtrak Online Invoice Payments


This feature allows credit card payments to be made online for VETtrak invoices. The feature facilitates a number of ways to pay online using VETtrak, including:



  • Payment Gateway. (Must be an integration suitable for this feature)
    The feature uses the payment gateway set in VETenrol to facilitate payments. Only one gateway can be set up per account.
  • Unique Business ID.
    Multiple VETenrol instances are acceptable, providing they are all using the same API and branding.
  • This feature must be enabled for your VETenrol account. Please submit a Support Request to determine if your VETenrol account meets the requirements.


Immediate payment

The feature enables a Pay now menu item in VETtrak to trigger the immediate online payment of an invoice using a Credit Card.

VETtrak_InvoicePayNow.png VETtrak_PayInvoiceWizard.png


Payment Link

A link can be provided to students to pay a specific invoice. It is typically expected the link will be sent via email from VETtrak using merge templates, however it would be possible to send it from a different mail client.


How the link is formed

The URL is to the payment page in VETenrol and requires two parameters to be passed as part of the address. The parameters appear after ? and are separated with &.

Replace x (busiid=x) in the link with your Business ID as supplied by VETtrak Support. This is a unique number identifying your organisation as a customer of VETtrak Pty Ltd.

Replace y (invoid=y) in the link with the corresponding invoice number in VETtrak. This should be numerical only.


When including the invoice number in the link, the letters must not be entered and leading zeros can also be omitted. For example:

Please test your link in a browser before sending!


Creating the Email Template

Create a merge template for sending payment links via email.

  • Open Configuration Config_icon.png (or Manage > Configuration from the menus)
  • Expand Merge templates.
  • Right-click Email templates and choose Add new email template.


    • The Context should be set to Invoice.
    • Complete any required fields, as necessary - such as Name and the Subject line.
    • The body of the message should include the following link:{InvoiceNumber}

Be sure to replace x with your own Business ID as supplied by a VETtrak team member.
DO NOT manually enter an invoice number! Use the Invoice Number merge field shown.


Sending the email

Students can be emailed from VETtrak with their invoice payment link using the merge template.


Send the email from the Client Manager (as depicted) or from Invoices for an occurrence in the Programme Manager.

  • The option to Compose email from an email template should be chosen.
  • The newly created template should be selected and the Email Template Wizard completed as normal.

It is recommended the newly created merge template be tested internally prior to emailing students.


QR Coded Invoices

If you would like QR Codes on your invoices to allow recipients to make payments, please submit a custom report request.

QR Coded invoices can be sent via email or posted. This method is typically most useful when the payee will receive a printed invoice, however a combination of an emailed link with a QR Coded invoice attached may also be desirable for the convenience of your students.


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  • VETtrak 21.2
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