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Managing Custom Forms

Custom Forms can be managed by choosing Tools (VETenrol Admin Icon Tools) and then Custom Forms from the menu.

Alternatively, Custom Forms can also be managed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the Manage link under Custom Forms.


NOTE: The Custom Forms feature is a stand-alone service,  not tied to any VETenrol registration processes. Both VETenrol and VETembark provide interfaces for using this feature.

VETenrol Admin Menu Tools Custom Forms

The Custom Forms page is used for managing existing forms.

VETenrol Admin Custom Forms Manage

The page has the following features:

  • Navigation buttons to related pages.
    • Create a new form
    • Settings for Custom Forms.
  • Form filters.
    • Form Type — toggles the list between forms created in VETenrol and VETembark.
    • View archived — toggle the list between showing Archived and all other statuses.
  • The list of forms.
    • Form Name link — click a form's name to edit the form. This will open the Form Editor.
    • Versions number link — click the number of versions for a form to open the Version History.
      Note: The count does not include the current version. For example: In the screenshot depicted above, the Medical Release form has 2 other versions in addition to the current version.
    • preview — view the form un-branded in a new tab. The form will be functional but will not submit.
    • duplicate — create a copy of the form. Clicking this will open a prompt to confirm the form should be duplicated before proceeding.
    • Copy URLs
      These links will copy the web address for the form to the clipboard for pasting into another application.
      • basic link — copies the standard link to the form.
      • match link — copies the link including the parameter for VETenrol to attempt to client match with VETtrak clients.


Viewing Archived Forms

The View archived checkbox, situated above the list of forms, will toggle the list between showing only forms with the Archived status and all other statuses.

VETenrol Admin Custom Forms Manage Archived


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