Import Clients Webinar - Hands-on with the Updated Function in 19.1 (27/03/2019)

Thanks for joining me for our webinar based around VETtrak 19.1's Import Clients Utility!

Webinar available to view here:

In this webinar we looked at:

  • Importing/Updating Clients in bulk within VETtrak by making use of the Import Clients utility.

    This functionality works by interpreting data from a spreadsheet into your system, with tools to allow a user to configure how VETtrak will interface with the spreadsheet data, including a robust method of translating what spreadsheet column applies to what VETtrak field.

    In this webinar I demonstrate how to get started from the very beginning, starting with using a basic spreadsheet to get ‘bare bones’ data into your VETtrak system, I then demonstrate how you can expand on that data by using the Import Tool to update the information.

Key Points Articles mentioned:


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